This Stationary is for Outlook Express

To download the stationary

Click on the names below which will bring you to the htm page of stationary

Click File up in the top left corner of the page

Then "Save As"

This will take you to  your Outlook Express Stationery File

Hit Save and this will save the stationery in your 

Outlook Express Stationery folder

If it does not automatically go to your Outlook Express folder you can find that folder by going to

My Computer

C Drive

Program Files

Common Files

Microsoft Shared Files


That is where your outlook Express stationery is stored

In order to use it just look for the name in your stationery folder and you can use it.

To learn how to set up stationary in Outlook Express go to my tuturial HERE




Angel Clouds    Angel Clouds 2 

Angel Resting   Angel at Night

Angel Sing  Angel Sing 2

Angels Watching Over Me 

Snow Angel  Angel and Bunny 





Tears   Peace  Power of Prayer  Beloved  Give Thanks 

As A Little Child  Come Unto Me   

He Is Risen   Jesus   Light Of The World

Little Girl and Jesus   Power Of Prayer

Prayer   Rock of Ages   

Victorian Prayer  Victorian Prayer 2  Victorian Prayer 3




Blue   Gold & Black   Gold & Green  Yellow & Black

Plum   Pokka Dot   Purple  Purple 2

 Dress & Hats    Dress & Hats 2  Dress & Hats 3

Hat Boxes

Hatboxes 1   Hatboxes 2  Hatboxes 3  Hatboxes 4

Hatboxes 5   Hatboxes 6   Hatboxes 7   Hatboxes 8

Hat & Shoes

Hat & Shoes 1  Hat & Shoes 2  Hat & Shoes 3

Tea Anyone?

One   Two   Three

Tea Cup Shelf

One  Two  Three   Four

Lady In Frame   Secret Place    Lilacs

Violet Bouquet  Violet Bouquet 2



Doll Blue  Doll Blue 2  Doll Pink


Dolly 1   Dolly 2   Dolly 3 

Dolly 4   Dolly 5   Dolly 6

Dolly Teatime   Dolly Teatime 2

Dolly Hello   Dolly Picnic




1   2   3   4   5   6  

Fairy Wings


Unicorn 2



More Stationary coming soon







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