The Following is the cost for creating you the perfect Site!

 Please read all the information before contacting me as everything you need to know regarding cost is listed below.

A $50 deposit is required to get started.

Before uplifting your site to the server I require the total amount for all pages made.

Business Sites

Basic Site with 5 pages $400

Each additional page $60

Prices subject to change without notice



Memorial Pages

 If you have lost a loved one and would like to have a page set up to remember them by, I can do this for you.  I have set some up for members of my family and a friend, and they are a great comfort to all that read them.

Tribute To My Dad     Tribute To My Mom

Tribute To My Sister      Tribute To A Friend

A Tribute To A Friend's Mom    

A Tribute to a Friends Dog


Personal pages of this nature or other personal pages are $40


Churches or Charitable Organizations

Basic Site with 5 pages $230

Each additional page $40

Maintenance fee for six months service $45


If you just want a page or two not the whole package, email me and we can discuss pricing.  


I now have a domain that I can house all my clients sites on.  This will save renewal worries for you.  You will just pay me a fee each year for your web space.

You will receive for $35 a year

Unlimited Space, unlimited bandwidth, email address

Each site supports the following features

Supports Flash

Supports Macromedia Shockwave

MIDI File Support

Supports Downloadable Video

Supports Downloadable Audio

Real Audio & Video Support


Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fee for six months service $70 or $12 a month as needed. 

If you need constant changes and additions to the site, for example large pictures to upload regularily, there will be an extra upload fee to cover my internet uploading expenses

This fee includes adding items to pages and making any changes over a six month period.  This is only for simple monthly changes.  It also includes search engine submission every two months.

Maintenance fee for frequent changes is $12 per week, depending on the changes required.  This includes adding items to pages, and making any changes over a six month period.

The maintenance fee is mandatory if you want me to maintain your site.  If you plan to maintain it  yourself, there is no maintenance fee.

If for any reason you will not need changes to your site when it is complete, no maintenance fees will be charged.

However please note that search engine submission is included in the maintenance fee, so that will not be my responsibility if you do not pay for maintenance. 

And if you happen to need changes, you will be charged you a $12  fee mentioned above.

If you require major changes to the pages, or the backgrounds redone, it will be the same cost as a new page.
The same amount of hours are involved in re-doing pages as doing new ones.

My prices include 

All backgrounds & graphics made to order.  Information  and pictures put on the pages

Music, counters, guest-book, and web-rings on your page.. are not included. Nor is registering at any site to obtain the codes for any web-rings.  You are responsible for that and for sending me the appropriate information for these.  

If you want me to do it for you, there is a charge of $20.

If you require me to set up your domain name the charge is $20 for setting up, plus the cost of the domain name.

Tables for greenware lists, price lists, etc. are extra.  Cost depends on how much inventory you have.

Shopping Cart Pricing

Paypal Shopping Carts start at $100 - Depending on the amount of inventory needs to be set up any additional cost will vary.

Setting up Shopping carts at other sites start at $130 depending on the the amount of inventory and the difficulty of the program.


I require a $50 deposit to start the site.  This fee is non refundable, but goes towards total site fee when the site is completed. 


Attention all US customers!

I am requesting that all payments for sites go through Paypal. 

Want to use your credit card?   I accept them through PAY PAL .


If you do not want to pay paypal, you can pay by check but, all US checks and money orders are held for 25 days by the bank now.  And so work would not commence until that time

Please Note:

Once the pages are done, and you are happy with my work,
but you decide you do not want to go 
ahead with the site, for whatever reason,
I will return your maintenance fee, but the amount paid 
for making the pages will not be returned.  
As the work has been completed.



  Once your site is completed
and I have you set up with what I have included, 
I am NOT responsible for getting traffic to your site. I will however submit your site to the search engines every 2 months


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