Making a Basic Calling Card

Some people have asked me how to make a calling card.  This will be a simple one but does require the faded edge mask

Faded Edge

Save in your Mask folder in PSP

And also save this gold strip in your texture file in PSP

If you want to use the picture I am using, you can right click on it and save

Once you have opened your picture in PSP use the eyedropper to pick out a color in the picture to use as your background for the card

Now you will need to downsize your picture

I made my card 300 x 200 so resize your picture to 200 in height

Making sure that your picture is active, go to Masks and then load mask

Find the Faded Edge mask 

Open it and your picture will look like this

Go to Edit & Copy

Then make your background card active

And Edit & Paste as new selection and position on the care where you want it

If you just want a plain card like this, you can now add your text

Or you can add a border like this

Select your color for the border with your eyedropper

Go to Image and Add Borders and use size you want. 

 I used a black size 5 border here

If you want a fancier border I will show how to do that after we add the text

Just hit the little "A" on the left column and place the cursor on your graphic and the text window will open.  Then you can choose the font, size, color and so on of text you want.  

For this card I made sure that the "Stroke" feature was disabled.  

That is for two tone lettering

Hit OK and you will see your text

To add a fancy gold border, follow these instructions

Open your goldstrip texture.  Now go to the right and pick the texture tool. 

Second from the right

Hit the drop down menu and pick your gold strip from there

Make sure the "Scale" is set to 100 % for flooding the border

Add a border to your picture and highlight it with the magic wand

Then click on the flood tool and flood the border with the gold

Now leaving it active, go to Selection at the top of the screen and click on invert

Then go to Effects and down to 3D and then Cutout.  Set your cutout settings as below, making sure to uncheck "fill interior with color" and set the shadow color to black

Hit OK and "Deselect" your active frame and your card will look like this

You are done!

To save do to File, then down to Export and then JPG Optimizer

I set mine to 15 and then hit OK once it is compressed

The numbers will stop when it is done

Save it where you can find it when you want to use it

I will give you instructions on placing it in a Guestbook in another tutorial


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