Setting Stationary up in Outlook Express


Just follow the easy steps and you will see how easy it is

1. Open a new message


2. Click on Format

3. Go down to Apply Stationary

4.  Then either pick ones that see in the list or hit more stationary

 5. If you hit more stationary

This new screen will show you all the stationary

that is in your Outlook Express file


6. You can pick any stationary there or hit create new

7. Hit Next

8. Then Browse

9. Again you will get a screen with all the stationary in Outlook Express

10. Click on the drop down menu at the top and

find your stationary where you saved it

11.  Double click on it and bring it into the Stationary Wizard

Then go to tile and hit the drop down menu and click on "Entire Page"

12.   Hit Next and the next screen you will set the font, size and color

13. Hit next

The next screen  you will set the margins

Hit the arrow up until the print looks in the right place on the page

14.  Next you need to name it and then hit finish

15.  And you are done

You can use this stationary anytime by following steps 1-5 or 6



 If you just want to add color to your page you do this

You go to format and then background and color

You can also add a picture as a background and sound

The picture will be tiled though so pick a light one that

you can see the print on top of it


To save stationary that comes to you from 

someone else in an email

Go to file

Then save as stationary

It will save in a format that you will be able to 

use it any time you want by using the above method

And will find it in your Outlook Express stationary


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