Setting Up Message Rules 

In Outlook Express


Here is another helping hand tip for all you ladies

For those on Outlook Express. 

To help you with all your email groups I have a great trick for you

Set up folders in your inbox of the different groups you belong to.

Make sure you put all into the Inbox and not inside each other,

 unless they are related groups



Go to tools then to message rules and 

set up folders for your different groups.

Set it up like this

Go to Tools, Message Rules

Select Mail

Then New

You will get this screen

Then check off
Where the Subject line contains specific words


Then down below in block 3 it will be highlighted what words to put in
Put in for example "VAH" and hit OK

Then go back to block 2 that asks you what action to take and tell it to send 
it to "Move to a specific folder" and it will show all your folders.

Clik on the correct one 

and hit apply now
Then apply now again in the box that comes up
and then OK

Then when the mail from that group comes in, it will go to that folder
You will find this a wonderful aid and a lot less confusing

Next set your mail like this

Go to view and then current view

and then group in conversation

Then view and sort by and then by received.

This will open a whole new world for you as 

you will suddenly have all your mail groups going

to their own folders!

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