Creating Tubes

Start with the image you wish to make into a tube.

You can save this one if you like

Then open a new transparent image by going to 

File and then New

Then set the width and height to match your image that you started with

And in the drop down menu choose transparent

Then you will have this in front of you

Go to back to your original image and go to 

Edit then Copy

Then back to the transparent image and go to

Edit and paste as new layer

The image will look like this

Then go to selection and then select none

Then on the side tool bar, click on the eraser

For larger pictures you can start with a high setting

Then start to erase the background around the boot 

or object you wish to make into a tube

Once you have almost all the background erased,

Change the setting to a smaller size eraser 

The go to view and zoom in by at least 1

This will give you a clear view of the edge you are trying to clean

so that you can clear all the background off from behind the object

Once you are satisfied that you have it clean enough,

Then go to view and normal and this is what your boot should look like

Now go to File and down to Export and then Picture tube and name it and save it.

Installing and Using Tubes 

Now go ahead and have some fun!


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