Installing and Using Tubes


If you are going to save tubes from sites that have them for taking, you need to open a file in your computer called "Download" or one called "Tubes".

Then you can save all your zipped tubes there

To unzip them you will need "Winzip".  This is a program that will open the file so you can use it.  Go to and type in "Winzip" and download it there.  

Once installed...go to your download file and double click on the tube zip and it will automatically open in winzip

Once you have opened the file double click on it and it should open in your Paint Shop Pro program.

The following is the instructions of how to save it in PSP and use it

Here is a tube that I opened in PSP

Go to File, then down to Export, then Picture Tube

Name the tube and you are set to go

Now that was easy so far...right?

Now open a new image. 

Pick a color out of the tube you are using for the background

using this tool the eyedropper

For making stationery, it should be about 1000 by 300 pixels. 

Now click on the little ink bottle and brush as shown in the picture below

Find your tube in the tube file there.  Set the scale that you want to use.

If it is a large tube you may have to try a few times to get the right size

I picked 70 for this tube and stationery.

Simply move your mouse over top of the image where you want to place the tube and click on the left button.

Voila!  There it is on the image.

You are done!

Tubes are a wonderful tool.  They can be placed on any image to give depth and interest to any picture or graphic.

Here is one I did for my site.  I used several tubes to give interest and depth to the picture.  And then I added a mask frame to the outside edge

The tubes on this picture are the pearls, the violets, the little girl and the bird

Lots of fun!  Just let your imagination go

The tube used for our tutorial was found on this site

She has lots of great tubes there.

There are many sites on the net that have free tubes for you to use.

I will also be setting up a tutorial to show you how to make your own, next week.



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