Making Faded Background Stationery

These are instructions for PSP 7 

It could be adapted to earlier versions

 The stationery we are going to make will use these pictures

Right Click to save them


You will also need this mask

Faded Edge

Save in your Mask folder in PSP

And FM Tile Tools found at this site

Download the free demo version into your plugin file and install

(instructions to do this are at the Fantastic machines site)

After you have done all this open PSP and we can start

 Open the Castle and Lady graphics in PSP

 Open a new transparent image 1000 x 350

Bring the Lady in the Window graphic to the foreground

Now go to masks, then to load from disk and open the fade edge mask

Your picture will now look like this

Now go to Edit and down to copy.  

Then bring your blank transparent image to the foreground and go do Edit and Paste as New Layer.  Use the Mover tool that will appear and move the picture over to the far left

Now go to the Layer tool and click on "Layer One"

Now bring the Castle picture to the foreground

Click on Effects then down to Plugins and find "FM Tile Tools" and find

"Seamless Tile".

Make sure that the vertical is unchecked


Now click on your styles button at the left and set it for Texture

(third block from the left)

Then select your Castle picture as the texture

Click on the flood tool  

Flood your layer one with the castle texture and slide the opacity to about 42

Your picture will look like this

Then go to layers and then merge, merge all (flatten) 

Then go back to Effects and down to Seamless Tile 

Make sure the "Vertical" is checked this time

And there you have it.........

Castle Day Dreams

 Then save as a jpg image

In Program files, common files, Microsoft shared, stationery

And will find it in your Outlook Express stationary, ready to make into stationery, using the tutorial link below.

 Setting up Stationery in OE

Making Stationery

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