Setting Up Accounts

In Outlook Express


Here is another helping hand tip for all you ladies

For those who want to use Outlook Express. 

Open Outlook Express

Click on Tools and you will get this window

Go down to Accounts and click on it


You will then get this window.  Hit add and then mail


This will open the Internet Connection Wizard

Fill in the name you wish displayed when people receive mail from you.

Then hit next

In the next window, fill in your email address and hit next

In the next window fill in your pop and smtp info.  If you don't know what it is contact your server for the information.

Hit Next


In the next window fill in your user name and password that you use to get onto the internet. Hit Next

You will get a final window.  Hit Finish and you are done
To make sure all your information is correct.  Go back to tools and hit accounts again

In that window you will see something like this

Make sure that both the email address and the reply

address are filled in and the same.

You are all set to send and receive mail in Outlook Express.


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