Setting Up Your Yahoo ID

and associate it with your Yahoo Groups


If you go to Yahoo groups and do not have an ID this is the screen you will get 


Hit the "Click here to register" link it will take you to this screen

Fill out the form and you will get your ID


After you get the ID you will need to associate all your Yahoo Groups to it

in order be able to manage your account and use the web view feature

If you try to go to my groups and have not 

associated your groups with your ID you will get this screen or one similar to it.

Yahoo has changed the look of the site lately, but the information should be the same on the following pictures

Click on the Membership Wizard button and you will get this screen

Click on Continue and you will get this screen

Continue and it will show you all the groups you are associated with.

Follow the instructions from there and it will associate

all your groups with that ID 

Then the next time you go to

All your groups will be there and you can manage them from that place

If you go to the next page I will show you how to manage your account.


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